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KingBox Electronics was founded in 1993. The company is headquartered in Taiwan and has departments and factories in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, the United States, and Canada. It is a professional memory manufacturer that is in line with technology and international standards and committed to memory storage device applications and services.

As a well-known brand in the industry, KingBox Electronic has the leading technology, research development, and strong production strength The company has a full-time department of technology, testing, research, and development, we maintain close cooperative relations with major chip manufacturers around the world

The products of the KingBox use chips and components that have been carefully selected after 100% inspection, which eliminates compatibility problems and ensures the quality of the memory

KingBox factory has a rich and complete product line, in many professional fields such as desktops, notebooks, servers, mobile hard drives, and industrial computers.

KingBox's first six-layer/eight-layer, red-violet heat-dissipating of professional PCB board minimizes signal interference caused by high-speed frequencies, using far-infrared heat dissipation performance, practical improving signal quality and ensuring memory's operation.

The gold finger made of high wear-resistant electroplating gold technology completely closes the memory slot contacts to ensure signal stability.

In recent years, the company has been striving to create the global brand image of KingBox, aiming at providing customers with 100% performance and 100% stable KingBox memory module, adhering to the business philosophy of “professional quality, high performance, continuous innovation, quality service”.