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Decommissioning Capabilities

KINGBOX work with businesses who are closing down corporate data centers as work moves to the in the middle of the data center. Cloud. Our on site destruction services, along with the resell and recycling for obsolete data center equipment make us a complete Solution.


KINGBOX asset reuse and e-waste recycling for our clients including: Pick-up of assets and transport to KINGBOX processing facility.

Destruction of all digital data
IT asset reuse

All items that cant be reused go thru a further dismantling process and get prepared for end of life.

R2:2013 was developed through an open and transparent multi-stakeholder process.The requirements in the R2 Standard are designed to protect people, protect the environment, protect data, and preserve resources. This is achieved through rigorous annual 3rd-party audits of R2 certified facilities, and through transparency and accountability throughout the entire reuse/recycling chain of used electronic products.

1. Environmental, Health, and Safety Management System

Electronics recycler shall possess and use an Environmental, Health, and Safety Management System (EHSMS) to plan and monitor its environmental, health, and safety practices, including the activities it undertakes to conform to each requirement of the R2:2013 Standard.

2. Reuse, Recover, ...” Hierarchy of Responsible Management Strategies

Electronics recycler shall develop and adhere to a policy for managing used and end-of-life electronic equipment that is based on a “reuse, recover…” hierarchy of responsible management strategies.

3. Legal Requirements

Electronics recycler shall comply with all applicable environmental, and safety, and data security legal requirements and shall only import and export equipment and components containing Focus Materials in full compliance with all applicable importing, transit, and exporting countries’laws .

4. On-Site Environment, Health, and Safety

Electronics recycler shall use practices and controls at its facilities that protect worker and public health and safety and the environment under both normal and exceptional circumstances.

5. Focus Materials

Electronics recycler shall manage – both on-site and in the selection of downstream vendors – the Focus Materials that pass through its facility or control in a manner protective of worker health and safety, public health, and the environment. An R2 electronics recycler also shall perform due diligence on downstream vendors to which it ships these materials.

6. Reusable Equipment and Components

Electronics recycler shall repair and refurbish as needed, properly test, and adequately package equipment and components going to reuse to ensure continued use of the equipment and, ultimately, responsible recycling of Focus Materials.

7. Tracking Throughput

Electronics recycler shall maintain business records sufficient to document the flow of equipment, components, and materials that pass through its facility.

8. Data Destruction

Electronics recycler shall be responsible for data destruction of all media it handles using generally-accepted data destruction procedures.

9. Storage

Electronics recycler shall store items and materials that may cause risk to worker health and safety or the environment if inappropriately stored, and equipment and components going to reuse, in a legal and appropriate manner.

10. Security

Electronics recycler shall employ security measures appropriate for the equipment it handles and customers it serves.

11. Insurance, Closure Plan, and Financial Responsibility

Electronics recycler shall possess insurance that is adequate to cover the potential risks and liabilities associated with the nature and size of the facility’s operations, and shall have adequate legal and financial assurances in place for the proper closure of its facility.

12. Transport

Electronics recycler shall transport all equipment, components, and materials using entities that have the necessary regulatory authorizations and in a manner protective of security, public health and the environment.

13. Documentation and Recordkeeping

Electronics recycler shall maintain all the documentation necessary to demonstrate conformance to the R2:2013 Standard.